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Hypermiling in 2022

Hypermiling, tried and tested tips and tricks to increase fuel efficiency.

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A history of this website

A (very) personal experience on website building and hosting. A journey from GeoCities to Asura

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Gender equality: A blog

Inspired by true events, this is a blog about male survivors of DV.

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A guide to Narcissism

Inspired by true events, this blog aims to approach/address Narcissism in a humorous way.

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Protected: Missing Tuesday

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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A night in December: the conclusion

Recently, I was asked to write the third part of That Night. It has been a while and, like everything else, memory is also fading. But I accepted the challenge.

I hope I can continue the flaw from the previous part. Who am I to judge this? 😊

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About: Lies

This blog is also inspired by true events.

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Veganism- Year One

A blog (not a brag) on my journey on veganism and the reasons behind it.

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A night in December: The aftermath

The second part. A story of hate, trust, betrayal and love. Hopefully one day this will turn into a book.

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A night in December

Yet another blog inspired by true events.