A moving story (prequel)

With emerging sprouts of hopes and energising dreams, we listened to our itchy feet and followed the greener grass. And it has been a year already!! It was my second big decision in the past 12 odd years, yet a difficult one.  We spent over three months planning, thinking and writing down the pros and cons. Then one day till “aye” took over “nae” and the date was set.

With a heavy heart, I submitted my resignation from the place I was glued to for over six years. Initially, I had no intention of working at there more than a year when I joined in 2008. As a newly qualified technician, I wanted to start a career in IT. And this place was my temporary place to bring home the bacon.  But the buzz of the busy workplace and my newly acquired whisky knowledge and of course, some good friends,  I was glued for over six years.

During this, I had to wave a sad goodbye to my IT skills and knowledge. I hope to write and share my experience, One day. May be….. So I left WDFG and decided to acquire a new experience in a contact centre… which turned out to be a not-so-wise decision. And that’s a different story…
And after many trips between London and Edinburgh, we officially moved to Scotland. (And resumed knitting our dreams) It was not easy at the beginning, but we have settled now and are looking forward to seeing what’s on the plate.

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