A moving story

So, we moved, or had a moving performance… And here’s the moving story.
Years of planning, saving, organizing, thinking, planning and thinking again, finally paid off. And we finally managed to acquire a permanent address.
When we got the keys, as expected It was just the house. the only thing that could be classified as furniture was the TV stand left behind by the previous owners. There was a very old looking washing machine in the utility room that was proudly representing the entire fleet of (possible) white goods. And the mirrors on the wall were reflecting empty bedrooms. Yet it was full of dreams and excitement.
It was a new chapter where we no longer have to worry about landlords paying unnecessary visits and complain about little things. I remember a landlord trying to charge me £60 to deliver a gas meter key for the journey that was less than a mile away. Another one tried to charge us for the broken toilet flush, oh the irony of the crappy landlord. We sat on the rug left by the previous owner and had our takeaway dinner. The next day, the ancient washing machine broke down. So much for the excitement of becoming the homeowner!!. I must admit, I slightly missed the “luxury” of renting where repairs/replacements were a phone call away. Well, freedom comes with an increased responsibility, we quickly learned. The journey from a studio flat in the south of the UK to the massive four-bed house wasn’t the easiest one, but with great support from friends, we made it. Without the support we received, it wouldn’t be possible at all and we are forever in debt. Only true friends can put you in this trouble. A debt that no money can buy and something that’s almost impossible to pay back. So, a massive thank you to my friends who helped us to make our dream come true. Not to forget friends who tried/offered assistance and advice all the way.
This incredible journey  has taught us some valuable lessons as well,  The first lesson,  People who share good times with you may not be there in your hard times. It’s not uncommon for them to be invisible when they know that you might ask for help, Anyway,  life goes on and I set off with the analogy of underwear/friends.. (Clean/replace as necessary) Update: Now we are almost furnished, and the air beds are folded away. Just replaced the carpet on the master bedroom and waiting for payday to do the rest. The guest room is still unfurnished, however, we aren’t expecting any guests for at least few months. But we are confident that we can offer a warm and conformable welcome to our visitors soon. And oh, House warming is due of course….  We might have multiple ones, so watch your Inbox for the invitation.

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