It has been over a year since I become a proud vegan.

I become a vegetarian when I was about 24. It wasn’t easy, especially when you are visiting relatives. So, I had to compromise and become a pescatarian instead.

Then I went back to the non-veg diet for a while due to some personal reason- laziness, to be precise. It is easy to buy, prepare and consume meat products, compared to vegetarian food.

You visit the local supermarket, and get some southern fried chicken and some chips. Whack them in the oven and dinner is ready. The easiest vegetarian food in comparison is- vegetarian pizza. And the options for vegetarian pizzas are still pathetic.

But as I grew spiritually and began to understand the world in a better way, I decided to go back to vegetarianism. This time, it was a pure one. Not that I am a vegetarian, but I eat the flesh that was grown in water type.

Almost two years after that, I decided to go vegan.

It was not easy to begin with. I did miss cheese, pizza to be precise. I hate to admit it but I did cheat- probably four times. All in the name of lord cheesus. Pun intended.

Because there was no real alternative to cheese- to suit your pocket. They were twice the price of the real ones and still are expensive. But thankfully, the price is going down. Not only this but a lot of restaurants and fast-food chains now cater to vegans and most supermarkets in the UK have dedicated aisles for “plant-based” products.

Here’s my statement on why I choose to go vegan.

Humanity has been with animals for over 12 thousand years after dogs were owned by humans. We adopted dogs to help them with hunting, but sometimes they ended up on the plate too. Humans then started to domesticate other animals for meat, hide, milk and as a medium of transportation.

At that time, it was a necessity. We are evolved in many ways now. We don’t need eggs laid by battery chicken to get vitamins and minerals!!

We forcefully impregnate cows. Once the calf is born, we take it away and kill it within hours and eat it. (Some lucky calves live up to a month) Once the cow stops giving milk, we reward its lifetime achievement via a “humane” slaughter and turn it into burgers. We keep our “delicious bacon provider” in a cage, barely fit enough to move around. And we overpopulate our fishing farms so that the fish wouldn’t burn their energy by swimming too much and get fat quickly. The chicken on our plate lived for less than 10 weeks.

The list is long.

Who gave us the right to do so?

I would like to stress that the objective of this blog isn’t to make you vegan, it is to tell you the reason for my veganism.

Let’s see it from the religious point of view: if God created everything, why are we happy to torture our brothers and sisters in the name of food?

And If we are to eat animals, why do our stomachs churn when we think about roasting our beloved dog but our mouths water when we are barbecuing another creature, for example, a baby sheep?

The reason is- that we made this rule. We programmed ourselves to accept cows, goats, fish etc as food and cats and dogs as pets. People protest about the dog meat festival in China, showing pictures of caged dogs ready to be slaughtered, but turn a blind eye when they notice that slaughter isn’t even one per cent of the total animals killed for food every day.

Now, From a spiritual point of view, veganism is an evolution. We are evolving towards a higher frequency and we must continue to open our newer senses.

Everything is energy and we humans are designed to consume food that is energised by the Sun. Plants get energy directly from the Sun. Consuming meat is second-hand or recycled energy. We share the planet with every other living creature, going vegan, I think, is spiritual evolution. Veganism contributes to our spiritual growth, as it doesn’t contain any bad energy acquired from poor sources.  We all know that when we feel pain or are stressed, it affects our entire body and energy. Animals that are kept in a sad, stressed and uncomfortable state release the same bad energy. By consuming it, we become part of that energy.

We are not going to evolve more -physically and the next phase of evolution is within ourselves, knowing ourselves and being aware of everything around us- including the food we consume.

We are what we eat. Whether we consume the sadness of a mother cow sobbing for her baby as milk or roast the animal who witnessed his friends’ brutal slaughter shortly before sharing the same fate, we become part of this cruelty, whether we like it or not. There are several other reasons to go vegan. And there is no reason not to.

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