THAT night: Part One
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A game-changer, Some would say.
Or, it was a jump towards a different frequency, some would assure.
Whatever happened, happened for a reason, some would preach.
Regardless, Dec 09, 2017, was a real turning point. Life as I knew it, changed for good.
From spending hours trying to scrape the ice off the windscreen due to a broken demister to waking up in a cold box without a blanket, everything is saved somewhere in my mind and, I presume, it will stay there forever.
I was going to publish something I drafted for the anniversary, but I had a car accident on the very day and the plan dissolved like every other pre-Dec-09-2017 one.
Do I have a regret- not at all. 
Do I feel guilty? Certainly not.
Have I forgiven - Of course!

The Google search history and a few notes that can only be described as plan B were sufficient to understand and assess the situation. 
And still, no regrets from my side, despite the mountain of “questions” that I initially defied.
It was painful indeed. And a few months of happy pills did the trick, too.
Since every situation in life is a lesson, I finally managed to dust myself off and smile. 
I also found out that it is easy to forgive, but almost impossible to forget. Perhaps it is not meant to be forgotten. And perhaps it is a lesson I must recall now and then to boost my current journey.
And this is the only reason I am typing these. Not to itch the scars, but to be grateful that I survived.
A month after December 9, 2017, I removed a bunch of friends on social media. Purely because of their inability/unwillingness to see the other side of the coin.
Or perhaps, like Mark Twain said,
A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on Its shoes.
I thought people care, especially when someone is surrounded by dark clouds. A simple hello would have saved me. But no. The silence was too loud to handle.
I later learned that not everyone is capable of seeing the different sides of the coin. Some people simply can’t see the other side, and whatever appears in the foreground is the ultimate truth. And some are too scared because they can’t make life decisions without getting approval from others.
I also learned that some of us only see what we want to see, and do not have the abilities (or courage) to see the truth.

Because it’s easy to stick on to whatever we believe, isn't it?
When I learned about Confirmation bias, it become clearer. Our mind indeed seeks the evidence to prove our own beliefs instead of questioning them, because it is easy, and it is also our survival instinct that is hard-wired in our minds.
And yes, I learned all of these after December 9, 2017.
Life indeed teaches lessons every day. It’s up to us whether we want to be good students or ignorant, self-obsessed individuals.
I am taking every opportunity as life’s lessons and I believe I am closer to finding true happiness.
Thank you, everyone, for this, active or not. You all had a role to play to help me understand more about human life and the world we live in.
Thank you!!

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